5 unexpected cameos by WWE superstars on TV shows

Akash C
Which famous TV show did The Rock make a cameo on?
Which famous TV show did The Rock make a cameo on?

Through the years, Professional wrestling and pop culture have been interlinked in some way, shape or form. Right from the first Wrestlemania which featured mainstream guests to having celebrities turn up on WWE programming on a regular basis, you see a lot of interaction between the two worlds.

It's not just a one-way street, of course, as a number of professional wrestlers have made the jump over to movies and TV shows to show off their acting talents every now and then, as well. Sure, we all know the famous Rock and John Cena appearances, but do you know of the more obscure ones?

So, without any further ado, here is our list of 5 unexpected cameos by WWE superstars on TV shows:

#5) Edge - Vikings

Edge makes for a convincing viking
Edge makes for a convincing Viking

Well, this one is a little different as it's an entry that has happened yet. But, we will all get to see WWE Hall of Famer Edge make an appearance on the hit TV show, Vikings, in the upcoming season of the show. The former World Heavyweight Champion also played superhero villain The Atom Smasher on the Flash Television show in 2012.

There have been some impressive pictures of the Rated R Superstar looking like one of the Norsemen with a fearsome getup and we can't way to see just what Edge will be doing with his role.

Who knows, this might lead to bigger and better roles for the Canadian in the future.

#4) Rob Van Dam - The X-Files

The hell?
The hell?

Rob Van Dam is a bit of a strange case. He looks like the actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and his name is quite similar to the actor's name, and the two men share a love for martial arts, but they aren't related. Which is what makes RVD's appearance in a random episode of hit TV show, The X-Files, even stranger.

It's not like he had a family relation in the business to get him the role, but nevertheless, the master of the Five Star Frog Splash enjoyed a brief and unexpected cameo on the show years ago, when it was still on the air.

#3) Kane - Smallville


Here's a strange question, have you ever wondered what would happen if Kane decided to fight Superman? Well, apparently this question consumed the thoughts of the creators of the TV show, Smallville, and hence they decided to settle the debate once and for all.

How? Why, by bringing in Kane to guest star on an episode of the show and have him go up against Superman, of course. Bizarre as it seems, this actually happened. Superman won, for those of you curious about the outcome.

#2) Stone Cold Steve Austin - Dilbert

Dilbert - a popular comic strip - was adapted into a TV show and for some reason, the creators decided that a cameo appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin was exactly what the show needed.

Right, I get that Stone Cold used to be popular and stuff but why bring him in for an animated show about office life of all things? Anyway, the Texas Rattlesnake did make an appearance, voicing his animated self but this had little impact on things for the show...or for the WWE for that matter.

#1) The Rock - That 70s Show


This one was actually a precursor for what was in store in The Rock's future. Way back in 1999, The Great One was drafted in to play the role of his own father in a wrestling-themed episode of the TV show, That 70s Show.

He was actually pretty damned good in the whole thing and even back then, it's easy to see flashes of what would make The Rock the biggest movie star on the planet in the next 18 years.

Oh, and there is also a cameo by Ken Shamrock in the same episode.