5 unforgivable mistakes made by the WWE this week (6th September, 2018)

Daniel Wood
Modified 16 Sep 2018
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#4 Kevin Owens returns

Why did this happen?
Why did this happen?

The WWE have proven that they have literally no idea how to book a wrestler who 'quits' the company in storyline terms. CM Punk famously left the company with the WWE Title, and we thought we were going to get an epic storyline. In reality we got a few weeks of nothing much.

It was the same with Kevin Owens. He quit on last week's Raw, and we all thought this would be the start of something interesting, something that we hadn't seen before, that he'd come back different, or as a Paul Heyman guy.

Nope, he literally just came back to ambush Bobby Lashley from behind for no reason, which is the biggest and most heart-breaking waste of an intriguing setup I've seen for quite some time. I'm disappointed WWE, disappointed.

Published 06 Sep 2018
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