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5 Ups and Downs from Raw last night (August 20)

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The Shield reunited on Raw to attack the Monster Among Men

This week's Raw felt like a new beginning for the WWE. After a Brock Lesnar championship reign that had grown stale a long time ago, the show benefited from having a new champion. With endless possibilities to be explored, it is hard not to excited as a WWE fan. That is not to say that the show did not have its usual shortcomings.

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Here are five ups and downs from the August 20th episode of Monday Night Raw.

#5 Up- Heel Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon presented the Raw Women's Championship to Rousey

Over the past few months, Stephanie McMahon has juggled the roles of a heel and a babyface. While she continues to portray her evil authority figure role, at times she has also been pushed as the brain behind the women's evolution.

While her babyface character does fall flat at times, you cannot say the same thing about her heel persona. She is a genuine heat magnet. One of the last few left in wrestling today.

Taking credit for Rousey's win at Summerslam was a classic heel move from Stephanie last night. WWE should just give up on trying to make her a babyface. She is one of the best heels on the roster. Just let her continue playing that role.

#4 Down - Elias' lack of direction

Elias had a match with Curt Hawkins on Raw.

Elias gets one of the biggest reactions from the live crowd every week. Yet it seems that the WWE creative team cannot find anything to do with the guy. At this point of his career, he should at least be making a run for the Intercontinental Championship. Instead he finds himself on Raw in a match with Curt Hawkins.

It is only for so long that he can continue coming out and holding his concerts before the fans grow tired with his act. WWE is doing an injustice to Elias by having nothing better for him than a pointless match with Curt Hawkins.

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