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5 ways to improve the Cruiserweight Division

Zac Jones
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248.83K   //    07 Nov 2016, 11:28 IST
Why hasn’t the CWC transitioned successfully to Raw?

Let’s face it, thus far the Cruiserweight Division on Monday Night Raw has fallen a long way short of expectations. 

The Cruiserweight Classic was a universal hit this Summer and when it was announced that Raw would be bringing back the Title and having their own exclusive division, expectations were high.

But it has already become what many people had feared, a watered down version of the aforementioned Cruiserweight Classic and nothing more than a filler segment for Monday night’s 3-hour broadcast.

The crowds are silent for the majority of the matches and it’s no fault of the performers in the ring, they get the odd reaction to an athletically impressive move which is all well and good, but this doesn’t get people invested in their characters.

Those who watched the Cruiserweight Classic got to know every single participant’s personal story in sit-down interviews that were shown before each of their matches, from Rich Swann’s tough childhood to Brian Kendrick’s last chance, even to some of the more obscure names who were the first to start up wrestling promotions in their countries.

Everybody had a unique and compelling back story. However, we didn’t get this on Raw, they were introduced to the majority of fans by Mick Foley who simply read their names off a piece of paper, how can these new superstars be taken seriously if the General Manager can’t even remember their names?  

This was the first in a long line of mistakes that WWE have committed since the Cruiserweights arrived on Raw, but it’s not too late for the division to succeed. Here are five ways that WWE can improve the Cruiserweight Division…

#1 A Brian Kendrick stable

This would be ideal

This one is more of a specific idea that I’ve had rather than a general suggestion but I do believe that it could help improve the Cruiserweight Division.


Let’s be honest, Brian Kendrick is the only Cruiserweight having any sort of character and therefore, out of the current crop of talent currently being used, he holds the key to adding some much-needed drama and story development to the division.

You could argue that TJ Perkins has a character, but his “I was once homeless” story is already growing stale and as for the video game references in his promos, well, they’re just painful to watch.

But I digress, my idea is for Brian Kendrick to recruit Tony Nese and Drew Gulak and form a heel stable that looks to dominate the Cruiserweight Division on Raw.

It would make sense with Kendrick’s ‘desperate man’ character for him to hire some protection to hold on to his Championship and Nese and Gulak working with the WWE veteran would help their standing in the division.

Also, this would give the rest of the roster something to fight against and would, in turn, lead to some character development for everyone involved. This could only benefit them going forward. What do you think, would this work? Let us know in the comments below

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