5 Ways AEW can be a worthy competition for the WWE

  • WWE better watch out for their toughest competition since WCW.
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Modified 01 Jun 2019, 23:44 IST

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words!
Sometimes pictures speak louder than words!

Ever since WWE turned to a more family friendly content and sports entertainment took over pro-wrestling, the fans have been waiting for a refreshing change. 

All Elite Wrestling has proved to be a breath of fresh air into the pro-wrestling industry after their successful Double or Nothing event. 

They are taking pro-wrestling fans down the memory lane by bringing back the ruthless aggression that once surrounded the industry. They are proving they can be the change the industry badly needed. 

WWE has been the monopoly in pro-wrestling, or should I say sports entertainment, for quite a while and AEW will try to take that status away from the world’s largest wrestling promotion.

With just one show under the AEW banner, the new promotion has been the talking point among the wrestling fans. Watching Double or Nothing gave us the feels of going back to WWE’s attitude era, where the company never cared about sponsors or merchandise sales. 

With AEW providing a fresh alternative for wrestling fans all over the world, let’s look at how they can prove themselves as worthy competition for the WWE. 


#5 Equal Pay & Creative Freedom for the Wrestlers

EC3 has been the Victim of bad creative direction.
EC3 has been the Victim of bad creative direction.

We all know WWE provides their talent with the best pay in the industry. But better pay doesn’t mean better creative direction. WWE has been signing a lot of talents as of late, and the reason behind that is to prevent them from signing with rival promotions. 


Having a large amount of talent on the roster, not everyone can afford to get a push. There is only one main-event spot, and there is room only for a handful of wrestlers. 

Wrestlers had nowhere to go that would pay them as much as they get in the WWE. But rumors say AEW is offering contracts to their wrestlers on-par with the WWE. 

If the rumors are true, AEW will not only prove as a fresh alternative to the fans but also to the wrestlers. 

Talking about creative freedom, Jon Moxley fka Dean Ambrose revealed on the Talk is Jericho podcast on how EC3 got buried after their feud.

EC3 reinvented himself in TNA after his disastrous first run in the WWE as Derrick Bateman. When he returned to the WWE, the fans were expecting big things for him only to see him get buried. 

We all saw what Moxley could do with the creative freedom he has in AEW. He could express himself freely and seemed to be more comfortable with what he was doing. It’s possible that many among the WWE roster would love to follow Moxley’s foot-steps once their contracts are up. 

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Published 01 Jun 2019, 23:44 IST
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