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5 ways Batista could impact Raw this week

05 Mar 2019, 00:35 IST

How could the animal get Triple H's attention this week?
How could the animal get Triple H's attention this week?

One of the best WWE moments happened last week, as the return of Batista might not qualify in some fans opinions as a moment that stood above other classic sights on the show, but something about this was just different.

Batista made his shocking return splendidly as he beat down birthday boy Ric Flair to send a message to a man that has been his mortal enemy during his wrestling career. It wasn't the fact that this was a thrilling moment in the narrative building of Triple H vs Batista that made it awesome, it was the fact that WWE played it so close to the vest no one actually knew this was going to be the closing moments of Raw last week.

Since then the internet has exploded with news, updates, rumours of what the animal is going to do next, and it seems that Batista could be on Raw this week according to rumours. While rumours may not be accurate most of the time, let us look at some of the possibilities of the animal's actions of Raw this week if he does appear.

#1 Family Comes First

The fantastic four?
The fantastic four?

The one thing that elevates a narrative more than anything else in wrestling is a great heel, and this is a notion that does not only apply in wrestling, as movies, novels, and any form of entertainment needs some sort of antagonist to create emotion and draw fans in. And there is no one bigger and better in heel town than the McMahon Family, Vince, Stephanie and Triple H are some of the most hated individuals in wrestling at times.

Some of The McMahon's best work often goes unappreciated, as there wouldn't be Stone Cold without Vince McMahon and there wouldn't be Daniel Bryan without The Authority. It shows how important these individuals are in a narrative, but when it comes to family, fans often provide some sympathy, even if it is to The McMahon's.

And this week on Raw, could we potentially see Batista destroy the McMahon Family to get deep inside the head of Triple H? Well, it is a possibility if WWE is desperate to sell this narrative to fans as soon as possible. Batista taking out Triple H's family would be a perfect heel move, as it would sell the animal as an individual that is not playing around with his prey.

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