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5 ways Batista could impact Raw this week

3.07K   //    05 Mar 2019, 00:35 IST

#3 Every Action Has A Motivation

Fans want answers.
Fans want answers.

We all were shocked by Batista's appearance on Raw last week for many reasons, as firstly it was not rumored for the show. Secondly, WWE didn't announce his arrival, and finally, it was too much to process at the time. As when was the last time, you actually saw WWE book a surprising return plus a heel turn at the same time?

It was brilliant, but fans have one question with regards to that decision, and that question is why? The answer of why Batista turning heel can only be answered by the man himself, as we all know that Batista is a way better heel than babyface, and that is probably one of the reasons why WWE booked him in that manner. But the real question here is why did he turn heel, what are his reasons?

That is something that could be addressed on Raw this week, as WWE giving Batista some airtime to address why he did what he did could be history making. As the possibility of the animal coming down to the ring, staring at fans for a couple of minutes and then proceeding to walk away without saying a word sounds fantastic, but maybe WWE has a better idea in mind?