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5 ways for Stephanie McMahon to finally get what she deserves

Stephanie McMahon has done alot of good for the business, but it's time for her to receive some comeuppance.

Steph is actually a very talented performer

Stephanie McMahon is potentially one of the most unlikeable characters in the history of professional wrestling, and you'd think that would be a good thing. Unfortunately, it's more down to her booking than her actual abilities as a heel, which is a shame because she is a very talented performer.

Regardless, we need to look towards the future and hope for something new and fresh.

What is that, you ask? Steph getting her comeuppance, of course. No matter how or when it comes, Stephanie McMahon needs to receive some form of justice for all of the awful things she's put people through over the years. There have been occasional moments here and there involving Vickie Guerrero and Roman Reigns, but apart from that she just seems to bury people.

That sounds like quite a stereotypical thing to say, but there's really no getting around it anymore. Her "trademark" slap is one of the worst things in the WWE right now, and the fact that it's being referred to as her signature move just makes us feel sick. Something needs to change because right now, people are turning their televisions off whenever she comes on screen.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five ways for Stephanie McMahon to finally get what she deserves.

#5 Ronda Rousey

Rousey vs Steph needs to happen sooner rather than later

If WrestleMania 31 was anything to go by, it could be a lot of fun to see Ronda Rousey kick seven shades of sugar out of Stephanie McMahon. The tease of the two getting physical was extremely exciting, and many people felt it was a bit of a waste when it was just Triple H who received a hip toss from Ronda.

Perhaps, she could end up being the one to end Steph's reign of terror once and for all.

Stephanie could have her back against the wall and the next thing you know Ronda comes out to finish the job she started over two years ago. This time, however, she actually locks the armbar onto Steph, which ends up being the terrifying stunt to put her back in her place for good.

After all, she won't lay a finger on anyone if she thinks Ronda is lurking around the next corner. Onto a much simpler but more satisfying solution.

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