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5 ways Stephanie McMahon could punish Brock Lesnar On Raw Tonight 

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03 Jun 2019, 17:45 IST

Some big confrontations are going to happen on Raw tonight
Some big confrontations are going to happen on Raw tonight

The moment wrestling fans realised that Brock Lesnar won the right to be called Mr Money in the Bank, they knew things on Raw would never be the same again. Many expected Lesnar to never appear in a WWE ring again, as 'the Beast' had made it clear that he wanted to pursue his career in the UFC after his loss to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 35.

But Brock had us all fooled, as the former Universal Champion shockingly retired from MMA, and made his way back into the realm of wrestling. While at first, it seemed like Lesnar holding the briefcase was a bad idea (it still is a bad idea), people have kind of warmed up to his 'party Brock' gimmick, which is so silly, yet so much fun.

Well, not everyone is a fan of Lesnar teasing cash-ins, dancing around like an awkward teen at a prom, and insulting the World Champions on a weekly basis, as Stephanie McMahon said that Lesnar will be punished for his unethical behavior on Raw this week. While that makes little sense, it's making Raw intriguing at the very least, so let us go through a few options, and try to figure out what's going to happen on Raw.

#5 No Boom Box, No Party

Who doesn't want a custom made Brock Boom Box?
Who doesn't want a custom made Brock Boom Box?

Brock Lesnar turning the Money in the Bank briefcase into a boom box is the most entertaining thing done with the prop since Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose waged war over it in 2014. To be fair, there are a lot of people that would buy a replica Money in the Bank boom box, so, WWE is kind of shooting themselves in the foot here.

Nevertheless, one of the most likely options for Stephanie McMahon taking action against Lesnar would be to strip him of the contract entirely. One can't forget that Lesnar was not even this match, to begin with, and by him taking out one of the participants (Sami Zayn) in the match, does it really allow him to legally win the briefcase?

That has been a problem with WWE's booking for quite a while, as a superstar assaulting another wrestler, and taking their place in a specific match doesn't make much sense. Therefore, in this instance, it would make sense if McMahon stripped Lesnar of the contract on Raw.

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