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5 ways that Kane could retire from WWE

In terms of tenured veterans, Kane is right up there with the best of them.

Kane deserves a strong send-off

Kane, also known as the Big Red Machine, has been one of the most consistent performers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. The guy has been around for the better part of two decades now, and in that time he's had some truly iconic moments that will remain in the minds of wrestling fans forever.

It's because of things like this that we need to treat his upcoming retirement with a great deal of care. We say upcoming as if it's right around the corner, but in all honesty, Kane has already defied the expectations of many people to continue going on for as long as he has.

With a potential WrestleMania 33 appearance coming up, who knows how long the former WWE Champion has left in the business. With that being said, it's interesting to consider the possibilities. Given the impact he's had on the business, as well as his undeniable greatness both in and outside of the ring, it has to be pretty special.

What it ultimately will come down to is how Glenn Jacobs wants to end his legendary career, and because of that, this is all just pure speculation and anticipation. With that being said, here are five ways that Kane could retire from WWE.

#1 Quietly exit

Will Kane quietly slip out the back door?

Considering the depth of talent in the WWE right now, this could be a strong possibility. With Kane reaching an age in which you rarely see wrestlers compete on a regular basis, it makes sense that he's taken more of a backseat as of late.

With that being said, some fans may not be too happy to consider the idea that he could just decide to hang it up one day without much notice.

It's happened before and it'll happen again with legends just fading into the distance because they've had their day in the sunshine. A potential retirement match for Kane could be seen as taking up an important spot on a pay-per-view, so whilst it may not be a popular decision he could wind up drifting into the distance and instead, watch from afar.

Who knows, maybe he'll sign a legends deal. Speaking of legends, here's another one Kane knows quite well.

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