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5 ways to book Finn Balor & The Club in WWE

Riju Dasgupta
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What's next for this trio, in the weeks to follow?
What's next for this trio, in the weeks to follow?

For months fans lamented as the first ever Universal Champion, Finn Balor, continuously slid down the ranks on RAW. For months, they despaired as The Club, once a threat in Japan, became little more than enhancement talents following their arrival to the WWE.

Fans were at their wit's end with WWE's booking decisions. How could such phenomenally gifted athletes not be used to their fullest potential? Why would they be brought in with so much fanfare, only to have their push diminished with time?

They gained a measure of consolation on RAW, when after months of urging from fans, Balor and The Club were finally allied. The chants of 'Too Sweet' were deafening as this trio made short work of Elias, Axel, and Dallas, immediately following their big reunion.

Here are 5 ways that this trio could be booked over the months that follow.

#5 The betrayal

Will The Club turn on Finn Balor and treat him like a...NERD?
Will The Club turn on Finn Balor and treat him like a...NERD?

The last we saw of Finn Balor, he was feuding with individual members of The Miztourage. It is clear that until last week, Creative did not really have any direction for the Irishman. Could this reunion be a ruse too? Could The Club turn on Balor, as early as next week?

Bear in mind, that the last we remember of The Club, they were playing heels. Balor is still the babyface that the whole WWE Universe loves to sheer bits. Most importantly, remember that WWE loves to play with emotions.

Why else would the dream tag team unit of Y2AJ only last for a hop, skip and jump, and little more? Why else would Gargano and Ciampa break up, at the height of their popularity?

This is our least favorite option, but it still allows Balor to be part of an actual well-defined storyline, so we guess that's a plus.

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