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5 Ways to debut Firefly Fun House Bray Wyatt

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Published Dec 08, 2019
Dec 08, 2019 IST

The Firefly Fun House could be coming to a ring near you!
The Firefly Fun House could be coming to a ring near you!

Ever since Bray Wyatt made his big return as the puzzlingly happy-go-lucky children's TV show host, people have been enthralled in what it could possibly leading up to. We got our answer this past summer when The Fiend started showing up, attacking Finn Balor, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, and other Superstars and legends. He made an amazing entrance at SummerSlam, had a controversial match at Hell in a Cell, and now he's the Universal Champion.

Case in point, the answer to the question "what is the Firefly Fun House building up to?" is "total destruction".

Now that we have been exposed to what The Fiend can do, our attention has been turned back to the version of Bray Wyatt who has been stuck inside his own little Fun House world since the beginning of the vignettes. That half of Bray's character has never been in a match. He's never been in the ring at all, or even in the normal confines of the backstage of the arena.

That might be changing next weekend at the TLC pay-per-view, where WWE appears to be promoting Bray Watt vs. The Miz instead of The Fiend vs. The Miz. Very interesting indeed. These are 5 ways we could see Bray Wyatt debut inside the ring wearing a sweater on his chest and a smile on his face.

#5 Doing the Muscle Man Dance

Could the Muscle Man appear on Friday Night SmackDown?
Could the Muscle Man appear on Friday Night SmackDown?

One of the weirdest (and that's saying something) aspects of Bray Wyatt's Fun House character was the out-of-nowhere introduction of a crazy 1980s-style workout video hat saw Bray and his pals (especially Huskus the Pig) dancing and working out, all to an upbeat song with their own lyrics.

The Miz could invite Bray to the ring for MizTV on the final episode of SmackDown before TLC, and instead of The Fiend or the "normal" smiling Bray Wyatt making his way to the ring, we get the Muscle Man! They can do it like usual. Lights go out section-by-section with the creepy sound that goes along with it, the arena goes dark...

...and suddenly the arena lights up with bright neon colors, the Muscle Man Dance theme song hits, and Wyatt in his sleeveless t-shirt, Zubaz pants, and pink fanny pack come dancing down to ringside.

That's not something that anybody would be expecting, and it adds a whole new level of mind games to the character. On any given night, which version of Wyatt are you going to get?

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