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5 Ways to Rebuild Bobby Lashley

Riju Dasgupta
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Bobby Lashley could be WWE's next breakout star, if booked right!
Lashley could be WWE's next breakout
if booked right!

There were many rumours circulating about Bobby Lashley's WWE return around WrestleMania 34. Everyone expected him to come in all guns blazing and set the world on fire. Truth be told, Lashley's return has been rather underwhelming, thus far. To be honest, he hasn't seemed like a worthy contender for Brock Lesnar thus far.

In this article, I shall suggest 5 ways to rebuild him to main event status. Anyone who's watched him in Impact Wrestling knows just how gifted he can be inside the squared circle. If booked in a worthy storyline, Lashley can be quite a beast.

Leave a comment and let me know if you believe Lashley may be salvaged in due course of time to become a main event player. Can even the best booking not save him?

This is how I would personally book him in a dominant position!

#5 Align him with Paul Heyman

Could Bobby Lashley become the next Paul Heyman guy?
Could Bobby Lashley become the next Paul Heyman guy?

There are far too many parallels between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Both men have an extensive combat sports background that they've successfully transitioned into a wrestling career. Neither man is really very competent on the mic. Which brings us to the biggest difference between the two men- Paul Heyman.

Since his return, we've seen Bobby Lashley struggling on the microphone every time he has to make a point or cut a promo. If he were to be aligned with Paul Heyman, this problem could disappear in an instant, because Heyman is the Cicero of wrestling promos. It would also lead to a genuinely intriguing storyline between the two men, leading into a full-fledged feud.

Paul Heyman has been aligned with several legendary superstars in the past who've all gone on to do great things in sports entertainment. Bobby Lashley could be the latest member of that club.

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