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5 ways to repackage Apollo Crews

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18.19K   //    05 Nov 2016, 16:53 IST
Crews has the potential, how can it be utilised?

Whenever a superstar gets lost in the shuffle, a major switch in direction is always needed. At this moment in time, Crews isn't even getting air time on SmackDown. You know it's bad for a wrestler when he's not even being jobbed out on TV anymore, he's just invisible & irrelevant.

When Apollo Crews joined the main roster the night after Wrestlemania, big things were expected of the NXT graduate. He was expected to become a main event worthy talent. With the brand split, many thought this would give the 29-year old even more time to shine.

However, in typical WWE fashion, a talented wrestler has been forgotten about and cast to the side. Here are five ways I think the WWE could revive the character of Apollo Crews.

#1 Heel Turn:

Apollo started wrestling at the age of 21

Crews needs to give the audience a reason to stay interested in him. A man with an astonishing physique like Crews could stand toe to toe with any superstar in the WWE today.

He has the looks and presence; the WWE just haven't given him the persona to match. Crews would be amazing as a dominant heel; his gimmick could revolve around him bullying and victimising smaller superstars. Make him unlikeable by having him dominate the most beloved babyfaces on the roster.

Make him abruptly interrupt great matches, garner heat and then translate it into long-term feuds.

Imagine how physical a Crews vs. Ambrose feud would be. Now imagine, how intense it would be, if Crews had no intention of actually wrestling Ambrose, just beating him up at every opportunity. There'd be no time for comedy or long promos, just all out action. Turn this man heel and give him a personality to be feared.

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