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5 ways to turn Rusev into a star

The Bulgarian has often been overlooked, dismissed and buried the masses. But here's how we can rebuild him and make him a star!

Rusev in the ring on Monday Night Raw on the mic
Will we see the Bulgarian Brute’s fortune change for the better?

I'm not sure how many of you would agree with me on this, but I genuinely think Rusev has all the attributes to become a Superstar in the WWE. The Bulgarian brute has often been overlooked by both the officials backstage and the fans watching at home. 

He's been portrayed as a snack far too often, a heel that's fed to all the powerful babyfaces. As a result, he's not taken seriously anymore but I'm here to show you how we can reverse all this and turn the Bulgarian brute into a household name.

Here are five ways the WWE can turn Rusev into a star.

#5 Let him display his FULL move set

Rusev delivering a kick to Zack Ryder on RAW
Rusev made his wrestling debut in 2008 on the indies

There's more than meets the eye with the former NXT performer. For those that don't know, Rusev is an astute student of the martial arts, Muay Thai. One glance at Rusev and you'd be forgiven for thinking the 31-year old is just a strong beefy brute. However, the truth is, Rusev is agile, lean, flexible, dense and light on his feet.

While down in NXT recovering from a neck injury, Rusev travelled to Thailand where he learned the martial art of Muay Thai in a training camp. He learnt this to improve his stand-up striking, back leg kicks and clinching techniques. The guy is literally the definition of a one-man wrecking machine and he has the ability to go toe to toe with any man on the roster.

It's time to let the WWE Universe see this side of him and therefore respect him for the super athlete and destructive force he is.    

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