5 ways Triple H is changing the landscape of professional wrestling

Amit Shukla
Modified 04 Nov 2018
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#3 Increasing the company's reach

Connecting the
Connecting the 'world'

The first letter in WWE stands for World, and Triple H is indeed opening avenues for the worldwide audience to experience what it's like to be in attendance on a WWE show.

Hunter has taken his shows to the worldwide audience including India, Australia, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The recently concluded WWE Crown Jewel is a testament to the fact that he wants to tap into the professional wrestling market, and through his work, he is leaving no stone unturned to make WWE a global phenomenon.

With a huge part of the globe now a part of the WWE Universe, we will have to see which country Triple H visits next to make the company a worldwide phenomenon. It is already loved by fans in the countries where shows are broadcasted or WWE has done live shows in the past few years.

Published 04 Nov 2018
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