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5 ways WWE can bring back The Authority

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Is it time to bring back the Authority?
Is it time to bring back the Authority?

How many great heels are in the WWE today?

Ignoring the fact that babyfaces and heels aren't characterizations that are white or black anymore, I'd still like you to think up as many names as you can.

Brock Lesnar? Surely not because the only thing louder than the 'Suplex City' chants are the boos serenading Roman Reigns when he walks out.

Kevin Owens? Arguably... but he's lowkey popular for his sense of humour and mic skills.

Bray Wyatt? Forget it. Hardly ever wins and even when he does, he loses straight after that.

Braun Strowman? Oh purrrlease. The man's so over that James Ellsworth still has a job in the WWE today because of him.

Samoa Joe? Definitely, but he needs to build a head of steam in the main roster before being considered a dependable hand.

Which leaves us with the Miz. Who's about the only 'heel' left today that can actually engender sustained heat from the WWE Universe. And even he's become somewhat of a cult favourite for his borderline-shoot rants.

In this climate, is it any surprise that the WWE struggles to get babyfaces over? Is it any surprise that the audience cheers for every one of Reigns' opponents more than they do him - the quintessential babyface that the WWE is trying to shove down our throats?


No. It isn't.

And it all boils down to the fact that the WWE is facing an acute dearth of dastardly, conniving, egomaniacal characters that make it easy for you to absolutely detest them.

Well, as it happens — whether you think they're best for business or not — the Authority is exactly that.

And whether you agree with it or not, having them back on television could be just the shot in the arm the WWE needs right now.

On that note, here are 5 ways the WWE can bring the Authority back to television.

#1 With Bludgeon brothers

Silent muscle. Scary, silent muscle.
Silent muscle. Scary, silent muscle.

The Authority has always comprised the power-hungry couple of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, a sell-out WWE Superstar to do their bidding... and the silent muscle to have their backs.

And that's exactly where the Bludgeon Brothers could fit right in.

As it is, their gimmick doesn't seem to have a lot promise given how much it seems to have borrowed off the Wyatt family, and they're likely going to peter out of momentum soon enough.

But putting them in a program with the Authority would keep them ticking over and send a message, loud and clear, to the remainder of the SmackDown locker room that the Authority is not to be messed with.

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