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5 Ways WWE can make the Angle-Jordan storyline interesting

Riju Dasgupta
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So far, the story's been an absolute dud!
So far, the story's been an absolute dud!

The story was masterfully built up over weeks. Kurt Angle had an ugly secret that could absolutely ruin him in the vengeful eyes of the WWE Universe. Ultimately, when the reveal came, it turned out that he had an illegitimate son who was a part of the WWE roster.

Yes, Jason Jordan, one-half of the tag team unit- American Alpha, was revealed to be Kurt Angle's illegitimate son. The reveal was a tad underwhelming after the build-up; especially in today's day and age, when the most popular character on television is a guy who was seemingly born out of wedlock and sent to a wall in the North.

Still, we rejoiced wholeheartedly, for the metaphoric wall was removed from his way. It seemed that Jordan would be privy to a push that a talent of his ability deserved. Through the ashes of a promising tag team on NXT, that was stuck in a rut on SmackDown Live, there would emerge a singles superstar who could break out and make waves.

Many weeks in, Jordan is just another guy on the main roster. There's little more to him right now than the fact that he is Kurt Angle's son, and wrestles in the same style (not quite, but let's give them that) as his WWE Hall of Famer father. As it stands, Jordan has had two outstanding matches with the two biggest stars in the company right now, and still feels pretty insignificant, in the overall scheme.

The story calls for a total reboot, and we're here to suggest 5 ways to shake it up! Indulge us with a few minutes of your time and read on.

#5 Favouritism

Look at Father and Son plotting world domination!
Look at Father and Son plotting world domination!

In many cases, when the father is a man of influence, the son can avail certain special benefits. This is especially true in the WWE Universe, a world that has generally not been averse to corruption. Considering that Kurt Angle is the General Manager of RAW, maybe Jordan could convince his father to pull some strings?

Imagine how much things would shake up if Jordan jumped ahead of the line and maybe got a title shot that he did not deserve. What if he got to main event an episode of RAW (a position he could do justice to, with his ample in-ring ability), ahead of some grouchy veterans who'd be far more deserving of that particular spot?

Doubts could be cast with regard to the favouritism shown from father to son, and that could, perhaps, bring Stephanie McMahon back in and set a new storyline in motion. It would certainly make for interesting, if not necessarily compelling, television. All said and done, it would be better than what we are getting right now.

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