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5 ways WWE can make The Undertaker's return feel special

Riju Dasgupta
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How will The Undertaker celebrate RAW's 25th birthday?
How will The Undertaker celebrate RAW's 25th birthday?

It's been 25 years since Vince McMahon and a bunch of merry men started a weekly property called RAW. A constant feature on Monday Nights, the property has become a cultural phenomenon, and no Monday night is complete without a few hours of sports entertainment.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of RAW's existence, 22nd January will see the show take place in two different arenas. Additionally, legends like Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels will be present, to make the night absolutely unforgettable.

Of course, the highlight of the event will be an appearance by The Undertaker, for the first time since he seemingly retired at WrestleMania 33. His return was confirmed in an article on

In this article we suggest five ways to make The Undertaker's return to the company absolutely unforgettable indeed. These fantasy scenarios could really make the show seem very special. Here are five ways his return could play out.

#5 Announcement for the Hall of Fame

Is there anyone who really deserves it more than he does?
Is there anyone who really deserves it more than he does?

The Undertaker has entertained us for well over twenty-five years. He has a sea of fans that span across many generations.

What better way to honour his legacy, than to have Vince McMahon himself come out on RAW's 25th Anniversary and announce The Undertaker as the headliner for the 2018 Hall of Fame Class? We don't even need to make a case for how much he deserves the spot.

Right from the time he made his debut with Brother Love, to his legendary run with Paul Bearer, to the biker gimmick of the Attitude Era, and ultimately, his fantastic matches towards the tail end of his career, The Undertaker has aged like fine wine, over the years.

At this juncture, there is nobody in sports entertainment who deserves the coveted spot, like The Undertaker does. He's a very worthy headliner. The announcement for his inclusion into the class deserves to happen on a stage as grand as the 25th Anniversary of RAW.y

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