5 ways WWE can raise the profile of the 24/7 Championship

Rob Gronkowski winning the 24/7 Championship at WrestleMania 36
Rob Gronkowski winning the 24/7 Championship at WrestleMania 36

The WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced on May 20, 2019, by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. The rules stated the title would be on the line 24/7, anytime, anywhere, provided a referee was present. The championship followed the rules of the Hardcore Championship from the Attitude Era.

There have been 146 title reigns, as of this writing. Unfortunately, the championship has been put on the back burner in recent months as it hasn't been regularly featured.

That being said, here are five ways WWE can once again raise the profile of the 24/7 Championship.

#5 Feature the championship across more WWE shows and channels

I still think the 24/7 Championship has its place in WWE. When you had Drake Maverick & R-Truth feuding over it. It was a genuine highlight of #WWERaw at the time.Also I thought Renee Michelle played her part brilliantly!

The majority of the 24/7 title changes that have taken place on television have been on Monday Night RAW. Minimal changes have occurred on SmackDown, WWE house shows, on pay-per-view, and outside the ring.

WWE has an astronomical amount of content hours per week. Not just on national television but across their streaming platforms via Peacock and WWE Network. The company has no excuse for not providing the 24/7 Championship with some attention each week.

WWE could have the championship permanently appear on both RAW and SmackDown, showcasing the championship's existence even further. They could even have a dedicated weekly 24/7 Title update segment on their YouTube and streaming services.

#andNEW! R-Truth has regained the 24/7 Championship!#wwecrownjewel

For the championship to remain relevant, it has to be featured regularly, just like when WWE introduced it. It is a championship that has so much potential if WWE creative showcases the championship like any other title and gives it some relevancy.

Several superstars could benefit from entering a storyline involving the title. It delivered some of the most entertaining segments featuring Drake Maverick and R-Truth, with segments airing all over WWE's channels. WWE can re-create that magic with some effort.

#4 WWE can create more exciting segments for the 24/7 Championship

R-Truth is currently holed up in a toilet at 35,000 feet as everyone on a plane is after him.This is what the 24/7 Championship needed to be

It is unique that the WWE 24/7 Title can be won anywhere at any time. WWE should push this stipulation further once again.

Like when R-Truth was trying not to lose his title on a plane, the company could easily find ridiculous places to win and lose the title. Every city WWE visits should make a point of the title being featured in iconic locations or some local celebrities. WWE could even seek out local events and wrestling promotions to give the impression the title could feature anywhere.

The possibilities are endless and could also provide WWE with more exposure while collaborating with local stars and filming at specific landmarks and events.

#3 WWE could allow the title to be featured on NXT

The WWE 24/7 Championship has never featured on NXT. The brand was recently revamped into NXT 2.0. The title could also be given a new start on the brand.

The 24/7 title defended on the brand will feel fresh, with new superstars going after the gold. Creative minds such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg at the helm could elevate the championship further by coming up with new ideas.

#2 WWE could slightly change the gimmick of the championship up

Drake Maverick celebrates winning the 24/7 Title again by tripping over a camera wire

WWE doesn't need to have superstars chasing after the 24/7 Championship constantly. They could abolish the 24/7 rule for 24 hours or an entire show and come up with another stipulation.

For one episode, for example, they could say, "this episode, the only way to win the 24/7 Championship tonight is by climbing the ladder to retrieve the title within the next 15 minutes until the next show!" The champion could nervously watch on from the commentary table.

If nobody receives the title, the champion walks away until the next stipulation is revealed. WWE could create different scenarios for every show, blending a mix of the 24/7 rule and other stipulations.

It will be intriguing to see what is next for the 24/7 Championship. The WWE Universe also couldn't fault WWE for their efforts to push the title by giving the championship a different flavor.

#1 WWE could add more incentives to the 24/7 Championship

In order to make the 24/7 Title seem more important, there should be a running clock from the time you win the title to the time you lose it. The longer you hold the title, the more money you get paid. As of right now, there’s no incentive to winning that title other then pride.

One thing that is lacking with the 24/7 Championship is that there is zero incentive to win. You could chase after the title all night, win it, and then what's next? WWE should really up the stakes and have an incentive to make a superstar want to win gold.

Imagine if there was a rule that if the champion manages to hold the championship for some time, they are rewarded. The reward could be money, but for WWE's purpose, the reward could be a shot at another title on that particular superstar's brand. WWE could have different levels of rewards for each number of days the title is held.

It makes the title more meaningful, and it could ultimately be a superstar launching pad or the next stage of someone's career if done correctly.

Let us know in the comments what you feel is the best next step for the 24/7 Championship!

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