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5 Ways WWE Can Save 205 Live

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Enzo Am
Enzo Amore

205 Live is WWE’s program specifically dedicated to the recently revived Cruiserweight Division. The Cruiserweight Division was an integral part of WCW’s rating success against WWE during the beginning of the Monday Night Wars.

These lightweight stars were showcased by WCW as a contrast against the heavyweight players.

The fast paced, high-flying and acrobatic style added something fresh and new to wrestling fans every week, quickly elevating the Cruiserweights into one of the most popular weekly programs on Nitro and bringing attention to the likes of Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, Jushin Thunder Liger as well as the legendary Eddie Guerrero. 

The Cruiserweight Division was deactivated in 2007 but revived in 2016 for the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, which was won by TJP, crowning him the first Cruiserweight Champion in nearly 10 years.

Many of the tournament’s participants were signed by WWE and thereafter, the company created the 205 Live roster. Despite their undeniable talent, the show has so-far received criticism for not catching the interest of the WWE Universe.

We don’t think this is a case of the talent, as a few of these Cruiserweights are connecting to audiences, but the show as a whole seems to lack some lustre.

Here are top 5 things that WWE can do to save 205 live...

#5. Let it take place before SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live
SmackDown Live

Given that SmackDown Live is only a two hour show, it makes sense that 205 Live has been tacked on after it to match the duration of Raw, giving all audiences for both shows a consistent three-hour show-length.


The only issue with this is that audiences can get drained once Smackdown is over, leaving little energy to truly get into 205 Live. Many Cruiserweights have yet to find that “thing” or characteristic that connects to the audience, therefore making them relatively unknown to a lot of the WWE Universe.

Thus, if you’re a casual fan who only came for Smackdown Live, you might not find much interest in sticking around for 205 Live, possibly leaving, thereby lowering the audiences volume.

It would be much more beneficial to the show if 205 Live was performed before SmackDown Live, not after. Nothing would get an audience warmed up like seeing some high-flying action, elevating excitement early-on before SmackDown takes place.

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