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5 Ways WWE can improve Roman Reigns

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The Big Dog.
The Big Dog.

Roman Reigns has been the anointed one since 2014, having been the recipient of a mega-push starting with his record-breaking performance at Royal Rumble 2014. The pops he had been getting through 2014 soon died by the turn of 2015, and Reigns was subject to one of the largest boos in WWE history at Royal Rumble 2015 (in the same building he was cheered a year prior).

Ever since then, Roman has had a topsy-turvy tenure in the WWE. Despite his constant push, Reigns has failed to get over with the crowd. He has been portrayed to be comprehensively inferior to Brock Lesnar, has had a wellness suspension, took a clean pinfall in the Shield Triple Threat in 2016 and saw the crowd walk out on him mid-match at Backlash 2018. No one can question the physical gifts that Reigns has been given, and his persona seems alluring to many. What does WWE have to do to save the next big thing?

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#5 A shift to the mid-card

Maybe do this again to build the man back up?
Maybe do this again to build the man back up?

Roman has been so deliberately painted as the top guy for the past 4 years that fans have started to resent him. His constant presence in the main event and highlighted spots on Raw has caused fans to get bored with his relatively stale character (more on that later). His one-dimensional main card feuds which are micro-managed to every detail have caused more and more disdain against his top spot on the card.

Roman's run as the Intercontinental Champion, while Braun Strowman was in the main event changed fans perception of him. He was having tremendous matches and excelled in his feud against The Miz. Maybe he needs to resume that mid-card role for a while, as stars like Owens, Strowman, and Rollins can take the top spot. Give him an extended run their, while fans warm up to him again will be a great direction to take him in.

#4 Changing his character

Is this goofy or intimidating?
Is this goofy or intimidating?

What exactly is Roman Reigns' character? Sometimes he is a whiny or braggadocios heel or he is John Cena 2.0. There is no definable way to look at Roman. He was a powerhouse, which fit him perfectly, but to add more variations to his character, WWE has overdone the changes. It isn't a question about heel or face, but a question of who he is in general.

Roman fit perfectly as a powerhouse who could run through the entire roster. He has that look of an absolute brute who can beat up whoever he wants. What made Roman over while he was in the Shield was the fact that he was a hard-hitting guy that you can't mess with. Why not give him that role again? Or, why not just accept his natural suave by making him embrace a more cocky character, like the one that The Rock did? As you can see in the attached video, he has the tools to be one cocky guy and he does it well. Some character direction would help him go a long way.

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