4 WCW blunders which were also done by the WWE

  • 4 WCW blunders which were also done by the WWE.
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WWE had quite a few stupid gimmicks
WWE had quite a few stupid gimmicks

WCW shut its doors on March 26, 2001. As we approach the 18th anniversary of the demise of WWE's biggest challenger, the old adage 'history is written by the victors' has never been more apparent.

We have seen numerous WWE produced DVDs criticizing WCW for all the stupid decisions they made prior to their demise- all the while conveniently ignoring similar dumb decisions McMahon and co. themselves made. Numerous WWE personalities - past and present - have given interviews portraying WCW as the big bad corporate giant that wanted to drive the WWE out of business, rather than care about profits of their own.

History has definitely been muddied over the years considerably, but let us see honest. If there was no NWO, there wouldn't be a DX, if Eric Bischoff hadn't decided to produce Nitro live, Monday Night RAW would still have taped two episodes a night today.

This list aims to throw things into perspective a little bit by pointing out 4 times WWE were as crass and cheap as their Southern rivals. We will be looking at some of the biggest blunders WCW were accused of doing, and see if WWE did a similar blunder as well.

#1 Vince Russo's WCW title win vs Vince McMahon's WWE/ECW title wins

Vince as ECW Champion
Vince as ECW Champion

One of the biggest lows in WCW history was booker Vince Russo winning the WCW title. Often considered as the second most embarassing WCW title reign after David Arquette's, Russo's WCW title win was a vanity project that was rightly criticised by industry veterans.

'The title was devalued'- was the usual war cry. But did WWE never do something similar? Of course they did.

The WWE Championship was certainly not elevated when Vince McMahon somehow beat Triple H for the belt in the late 90's. Russo's vanity booking would definitely be inferior to Vince considering that McMahon booked himself to win the ECW World title a decade later, even going on to defend it on a few occasions

In addition to that, Vince is also a Royal Rumble winner, Stephanie McMahon held the Women's title for a considerable time and Shane McMahon won the European and Hardcore titles, even successfully defending the former title at a WrestleMania.

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Published 23 Mar 2019, 00:34 IST
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