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5 WCW pay-per-views WWE should bring back

Time to do away with Hell in a Cell and institute these events instead, courtesy of WCW.

Top 5 / Top 10 26 Oct 2016, 08:47 IST
Credit: WWE.com

When WWE brought back the Brand Split earlier this year, there was plenty of speculation among fans on how the pay-per-view schedule would be affected. But instead of taking away events, they added even more to the calendar, with there now being 19 in total.

Needless to say, holding two pay-per-views almost every single month is overkill, but what's worse is that many of the original events have remained the same. It's great that Backlash and No Mercy have returned, but do Hell in a Cell and TLC serve much of a purpose anymore, if they ever did, to begin with?

If WWE isn't going to reduce the number of live specials they hold per year, the least they can do is replace them with past pay-per-views. These five WCW shows deserve to be resurrected and could be entertaining additions to the event calendar.

#5 Slamboree

A classic pay per view

Slamboree is one of the lesser-known WCW pay-per-views but is still a classic. It was held annually in the month of May from 1993 up until the company's closure in 2000.

The spring staple hosted a slew of memorable matchups and was always guaranteed to be good. In WWE, other than WrestleMania, there aren't any events around that time of year that stand out as special.

Extreme Rules and Payback have traditionally been held in that May slot, but Slamboree is an infinitely cooler name than either one of those in my opinion. WWE may not want to confuse it with SummerSlam, but it would be an improvement over what we have at the moment.

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