What if Kaitlyn never left the WWE?

The Bella Twins and Kaitlyn experienced a huge change of fortunes in the WWE
The Bella Twins and Kaitlyn experienced a huge change of fortunes in the WWE
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By no means would it be an overstatement to say that Kaitlyn is one of the most beloved female WWE Superstars of the PG era. The woman known as Celeste Bonin endeared herself to the fans during an era which seldom saw top talents shine through in women's wrestling.

Kaitlyn alongside former WWE Superstar AJ Lee carried the torch for the women's division in the WWE--with the former starting off in the company's developmental territories in 2010, and quickly ascending to the main roster where she performed until she parted ways with WWE in 2014. While Kaitlyn retired from the sport in 2014, she eventually revealed her intentions of returning to pro-wrestling in late-2017, and did make her in-ring comeback in the indies earlier this year.

Kaitlyn also recently competed in the WWE Mae Young Classic (MYC) tournament. Today, we are going to be looking at the past 4 odd years and how the landscape of the WWE may have been if Kaitlyn never left the WWE...

#5 Kaitlyn vs. Stephanie McMahon

A feud with Stephanie McMahon would
A feud with Stephanie McMahon would've propelled Kaitlyn's career to the next level

While most fans may not be able to recollect how valuable an asset Kaitlyn was during her run from 2010 to 2014, the fact remains that during her time as Divas Champion, this incredibly talented young woman was being touted by many as the next Trish Stratus of the WWE. While Kaitlyn did have her fair share of run-ins with authority figures in the WWE, the much-talked about feud between her and Stephanie McMahon never quite took off.

Apparently, the real-life heat between Kaitlyn and McMahon is said to have stemmed from a backstage incident back in 2013 in which the former interrupted McMahon while "Steph" was engaged in a conversation with another individual. Apparently, the incident eventually served as inspiration for a television segment on RAW where McMahon warned Kaitlyn to never interrupt her again.

Back in 2013, the pro-wrestling world was rife with talk of the real-life heat between Kaitlyn and Stephanie possibly being used in a future storyline, however the angle never really came to fruition. A feud with one of the biggest on-screen heel figures in sports-entertainment could've very well elevated Kaitlyn's career, but unfortunately, the latter quit the WWE the following year in 2014...

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