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What if Kane had never been unmasked?

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Kane says hello to an old friend

Kane has gone through a lot of changes through his WWE career. He was once said to be so scarred due to the fire which killed his parents. But once those scars were revealed to be emotional, his mask was eventually taken off to reveal the true monster underneath.

But what if Kane had never taken off his mask? It might have nixed some future stories and made others even more interesting.

Let's take a look at 5 things that might have been different if Kane had never revealed his face.

#5 No Corporate Kane

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Kane did look good in a suit

Corporate Kane was The Authority's best asset in situations where they needed a tough decision made. He was called a lap dog by fans but it might not have been so easy to manipulate Kane if he was still wearing his mask.

We can only imagine Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would have needed to find someone else to do their bidding if they couldn't see Kane's face at the time. But Kane grew his hair out and took on a role with The Authority to participate in plenty of heel antics while doing their bidding.

Then again, Kane wearing a full suit with the mask still on would have still been a pretty intimidating sight. Just imagine your corporate superior donning a Kane mask at your job and telling you he'd like to see you in his office for a chat.

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