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5 women who could win the rumoured Women's Royal Rumble 

Riju Dasgupta
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Who could triumph in this first of a kind event?
Who could triumph in this first of a kind event?

The women in WWE have indeed come a long way. Once upon a time, their segments were just a means to arouse the interest of the young male demographic, and as a consequence, they had to look pretty, usually appearing in segments that did not necessarily befit their talent.

It began in NXT and soon spread to the rest of the roster like wildfire. WWE witnessed what is called the Women's Revolution, over the last few years. Gifted athletes, who could compete at the same level as the men, ushered in a new era for the company, and for women around the world.

Rumours are rife that with the recent spate of NXT call-ups, a Women's Royal Rumble may soon be upon us. This comes on the heels of WWE's first Women's Hell in a Cell match, the first Money in the Bank match and also the first ever Women's Iron Man Match, over the last few years.

If these rumours did come true, who could be the winner of the inaugural Women's Royal Rumble match? We look at five women who could make history and list them here, for your reading pleasure. Scroll down and read on, sports entertainment enthusiasts...

#5 Kairi Sane

Could Kairi Sane create history twice?
Could Kairi Sane create history twice?

By having Kairi Sane win the inaugural edition of the Mae Young Classic tournament, WWE has proved that they are highly invested in her. To have her debut in the main roster, in the best manner possible, she could be a surprise entrant and eventual winner of this historic match.

If Kairi Sane were to win the Royal Rumble match, as a surprise entrant, not only would it create ripples and an immediate buzz through the roster, it would also establish her as a top-tier star.

She is an intriguing character, who's as babyface as it gets, and could immediately bedazzle the WWE Universe, with her visually stunning elbow drop.

When she does get called up, it makes sense for her to go to SmackDown Live instead of RAW, considering there's already a babyface Japanese superstar, in the RAW brand. SmackDown Live also does a fairly better job of booking talent as per their merit, than RAW does.

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