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5 Worst debuts in WWE history

Sometimes, the debuts are just as bad as the build of the character

Some of the worst debuts in wrestling history were devised from existsing plans

There are some characters we all want to forget. These are a few of them.

Professional wrestlers are supposed to have a look, a gimmick and chutzpah that fans identify with. It might be a catch phrase or a finishing move or the way they enter the arena. Then there are those who make such an impression on their debut in a promotion, they are talked about for years to come.

And I’m not talking about it being a good thing.

When you look back at these wrestlers and watch them in the ring, you wonder who gave the approval for the idea in the first place. Whether it’s WCW or WWE or any other major company, there are some debuts that are just that bad.

These are the five worst debuts in wrestling history.

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