5 Worst storylines in TNA history

Even AJ Styles wasn’t exempt from terrible TNA storylines

1: Claire Lynch

AJ Styles deserved better than this storyline

AJ Styles is the biggest homegrown star TNA has ever had. He was the face of the promotion for years and a fan favourite even though he was regularly overlooked for recently recruited WWE ex-WWE Superstars past their prime.

The Claire Lynch angle is hands down the worst storyline in TNA history. It began nonchalantly with AJ feuding with the tag duo of Bad Influence when it was ‘revealed’ that he was having an affair with Dixie Carter (yes, you read that correctly) which was obviously a hoax.

Bad Influence later went on to reveal that AJ was the illegitimate father of a baby with a woman called Clair Lynch – who was portrayed as a drug addict. Styles repeatedly claimed he had no memory of sleeping with Lynch but photos of the pair in bed were later revealed with AJ Styles looking like he’d been drugged and borderline sexually assaulted.

This angle led to a match between Styles and Lynch-ally Christopher Daniels. If AJ won the match he’d earn himself a DNA test but would have to admit to being the father if he lost. Thankfully Styles won the match but the whole thing was inconsequential in the end because Lynch revealed her pregnancy to be fake even before the test results came out.

What’s worse is that the storyline went completely against who AJ is as a person. Styles is happily married and is a devout family man. Instead of pushing him to the moon – like WWE has since signing him – he was sidetracked to stupid storylines like this which I’m sure played a part in his eventual departure.

How did the Clair Lynch angle end? With a car crash but that story is for another day.


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