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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 1992

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Some people simply cannot work together at all
Some people simply cannot work together at all

Pro wrestling shows can be weird events. In some cases, on the same show that you find one of the best matches of the year, you’ll also find its exact opposite. This has been true for many years and has affected many different companies.

Take WWE, for example. WrestleMania III is widely regarded as the pinnacle of that company’s history, its biggest and most celebrated show of all time. That event witnessed one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time in ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. It was such a critically-acclaimed match that people still talk about it over thirty years later.

Yet on that same show was one of the worst matches of all time in Hulk Hogan vs. André the Giant. While WWE has managed to almost completely distort its own history about that ‘legendary’ moment, the truth was that the match in question sucked.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only WWE event to host both a best match of the year and one of its worst, as we will see for the 1992 edition of the five worst matches of the year.

#5 Virgil vs. Nailz – SummerSlam 1992

Some matches are just so boring that the only reaction they generate is apathy
Some matches are just so boring that the only reaction they generate is apathy

The early 1990s WWF was filled with awful gimmicks, and Nailz was one of the worst. The concept was that he was a former convict seeking revenge on the Big Bossman, which he got by fighting Virgil for some reason.

When it came to the wrestling match, Nailz’s offense was incredibly limited. He couldn’t do very much and spent a lot of time doing chokes and rest-hold-like maneuvers. That made this match into a snooze-fest, as it was void of anything particularly exciting.

Ironically, that choking is what made Nailz infamous in later years. Not because he did it in a match, but because of his confrontation with Vince McMahon. Nailz allegedly choked Vince in his office, and was fired by WWE for doing so. Nailz even became a central figure in the steroid trial against Vince, but his testimony was said to have been so bad that it led to Vince being acquitted.

That entire fiasco, which wasn’t even seen on TV or in front of a live audience, seems more interesting when you read about it than this match with Nailz actually wrestling.

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