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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 1993

  • 1993 was considered by many people to be the WORST year in wrestling, ever.
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Modified 27 Nov 2018, 20:30 IST
No matter how much paint and make-up you apply, you can never cover something that
No matter how much paint and make-up you apply, you can never cover something that's truly garbage

1993 was a historic year for WWE, both in a good way and in a bad way. It was the year that Monday Night RAW debuted, it marked the beginning of the major push for the so-called ‘New Generation’…and it was the year the steroid trial began to really take its toll.

Vince McMahon was indicted for steroid distribution during this year, so some might argue that his attention was elsewhere. But that still doesn’t justify such an abysmal creative direction on Vince and company’s part. Four of the five matches on this list are from WWE, three of them are from the same show (which is also the biggest WWE show of the year), and two of them involve the exact same superstars, one of them being Vince’s greatest gimmick ever.

Luckily for WWE, this wasn’t a clean sweep for WWE, as their biggest rival WCW also produced something truly terrible. So what was so mind-numbingly awful? Read on to find out…

#5 Lex Luger vs. Mr. Perfect – WrestleMania IX

WWE thought that pairing Lex Luger with a proven workhorse like Mr. Perfect would lead to a good match. This did not happen, as Luger didn’t mesh well with Mr. Perfect. The chemistry between them appeared to be off on this night, which is why Perfect’s offense didn’t feel as exciting as it normally did.

Worse, this match suffered from a completely nonsensical booking that became a big reason for this match being included on this list. Up to this point, Luger had been winning with his running forearm, which was said to include a steel plate inside it. Yet instead of using that move to win, Luger hit a pinning move while Perfect’s feet were in the ropes, yet the referee didn’t see it.

So a wrestler as skilled as Mr. Perfect lost a match not due to the established finisher of his opponent, but due to referee stupidity. From a booking standpoint, that is utter nonsense that makes any match worse.

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Published 27 Nov 2018, 20:30 IST
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