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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 1993

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#4 Dustin Rhodes & King Kong vs. The Equalizer & Awesome Kong – WCW Battlebowl 1993

First off, no, this isn’t that Awesome Kong. This is a big wrestler from early WCW who happened to tag with King Kong. The reason for them being opponents here is because the Battlebowl was a concept in which wrestlers would be placed in random tag team pairings and fight to win a prize.

Unfortunately, these are four wrestlers, with the best worker among them being a pre-Goldust Dustin Rhodes. The others are two four-hundred-pound men and Dave Sullivan, none of whom were known for their in-ring skill.

However, this was bad but not awful. They did put on a decent match, but there were some parts that were so bad they were impossible to ignore. The worst of them being when King Kong almost broke up a pin attempt from Rhodes onto Awesome Kong, despite Rhodes being his partner for this match.

The other one being that Awesome Kong hits an elbow drop on Rhodes, despite that being one that was obviously meant to miss. But the execution was completely off and Rhodes got hit anyway.

Though this isn’t offensive by any means, it’s still a slow and uninspiring match that showed that WCW wasn’t very good at booking matches in the early 1990s either.