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5 Worst wrestling matches of 2006

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The Punjabi Prison match was a huge disappointment
The Punjabi Prison match was a huge disappointment

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One of the most important aspects of pro wrestling is that the matches and storylines can be easily botched. Writing a coherent and logical storyline is difficult, especially when there are so many creative forces that don’t agree.

It’s even worse in wrestling matches themselves, as the wrestlers have to try and come together to create an interesting contest built not only on their own strengths and weaknesses, but also based on those of their opponents.

So when wrestlers are stuck with bad creative direction, they try to make the best of things with their matches. But when there are bad match arrangements (like awful stipulations, bad wrestler match-ups, or obvious limitations in skill), things only get worse for the fan. In these five dreadful matches, there are combinations of all of these problems.

These five worst matches of 2006 demonstrate what happens when bad creativity and poor planning has a trickledown effect on the poor wrestlers stuck executing awful ideas.

#5 Mickie James vs. Ashley Massaro – Royal Rumble 06

The Diva Search concept has been lambasted many times over the years for introducing wrestling fans to some of the worst women’s wrestlers of all time. Ashley Massaro was one such a wrestler, who won the 2005 Diva Search but received little training on how to actually wrestle. In her biggest match to date, she faced very-good-women’s-wrestler Mickie James, and her limitations were exposed beyond salvation.

Ashley had very little to work with, so she relied on wrist-locks for the first half of the match. Not even Joey Styles’ commentary could convince fans Ashley was a credible wrestler. Things only got worse from there as Ashley hit a few weak moves, did some heel antics like hair-pulling (despite being the babyface), and hit a Spear that was so bad it made late-2000s Edge look like Goldberg in his prime.

The only good thing about this match was that the right person (Mickie) won. Ashley was vastly unprepared to actually wrestle and should’ve spent more time training with Dave Finlay before going into this match. It isn’t awful by Diva standards but is certainly a far cry from what we’ve come to expect from women’s wrestling these days.

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