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5 Worst Wrestling Matches Of 2016

When fans hate something so much they chant for wrestlers that aren
When fans hate something so much they chant for wrestlers that aren't even on the show, you know you've messed up badly
Modified 17 Dec 2018, 08:02 IST
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Pro wrestling legend and wrestling genius Keiji ‘The Great Muta’ Mutoh once said that North American wrestling fans are ‘match producers’. What he meant by this is that these fans play a much greater role in a match than their Japanese counterparts.

This is because Japanese fans mostly watch quietly and studiously, making little noise out of respect for the wrestlers. They only start making more noise when they’re truly invested in the wrestling match and are really enjoying themselves.

North American fans are more vocal both in their praise and in their dislike of something, which affects how a match is perceived.

This was on full display throughout 2016, particularly in WWE. As fans became increasingly hostile towards certain wrestlers and creative directions, the company even went out of their way to censor fans by taking away signs, muting the crowd, and editing footage.

Of course, this only added more fuel to the fire, which led to some really bad matches in 2016. In fact, this contempt towards die-hard wrestling fans manifested itself in not only the above-mentioned tactics but also with the booking of some truly awful wrestling matches.

Oh, and for those that think we like to single out WWE, TNA is back again for managing to showcase one of the funniest awful matches of all time…

#5 Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose - WrestleMania 32


There were many problems with WrestleMania 32, and this was definitely one of them. In the build-up to this match, Ambrose looked like he actually stood a chance against Lesnar, and ended several confrontations between them looking like the stronger performer.

But when it actually came to fight in the ring, the two of them…failed to deliver. The match was a by-the-numbers Lesnar match, with very little in terms of move variety or drama.

Worse, Ambrose was a rising star that needed a big win to prove that he was worth his top billing in the company. Instead, he got fed to Lesnar and became just another upper mid-carder without much going for him.

Later, Ambrose cut a scathing shoot promo on Lesnar, deriding ‘the Beast’ for perceived laziness. Even if Ambrose hadn’t said those things, they were on full display in this match, as Lesnar didn’t do anything really different from his usual matches.

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Published 17 Dec 2018, 08:02 IST
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