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5 Wrestlers who are being overlooked by fans

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Crazy fans be crazy, but only for a select few!
Crazy fans are crazy, but only for a select few!

Sometimes being underrated is better than what some wrestlers in the business get. With a thriving Independent scene and WWE packed to the rafters, it's hard for certain superstars to catch a bit of breathing space.

These are not underrated individuals or poorly utilized such that they are conspicuous by their absence. These are wrestlers so mired in the day-to-day grind of any event that fans just fail to appreciate the talents in front of them.

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It comes because superstars are either just circling one division in the same position for far too long, or are consistently visible but on the losing end of the spectrum. Wrestlers who might elicit a reaction but never a look back once the job is complete.

So here are five such wrestlers that aren't underrated or overrated but ones that fans just fail to consider or appreciate.

#5 Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy bet on himself, and how!
Buddy Murphy bet on himself, and how!

There's something brilliant brewing with Buddy Murphy, with the Australian wrestler set to head home for a Cruiserweight championship shot. A bruiser like Murphy languished on NXT and could have been easily buried on the main roster.

So what does he go and do?

Murphy cuts weight to the exact needlepoint and makes a case to join the changing face of 205 Live. Why? Because he can dominate and portray an interesting character. Always teetering on the weight limit, Murphy is a force of strength that isn't available elsewhere on the 205 Live roster.

While niche fans understand Murphy's value, many missing out on the cruiserweight experience haven't got a taste of his brilliance. Hopefully the Australian special will be the perfect showcase to present the talents of Murphy, making casual fans aware of him beyond NXT and Alexa Bliss.

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