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5 wrestlers recently released by the WWE: Where are they now? 

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Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore

Achieving a WWE contract is a pipe dream for many wrestlers. Sometimes it can take years of hard work and determination just to get a shot at the big leagues. Other times one lucky break can place a novice in a spot many longer-tenured wrestlers would die for.

Contrary to popular belief, the end of a WWE contract doesn't always mean the end of that wrestler's career. Many in sports-entertainment continue to thrive, and even gain greater financial success after their contract ends. Cody Rhodes is perhaps the best example of this.

Often, the end of a WWE contract doesn't mean a permanent separation between wrestler and federation. Men like Kurt Angle, Christian, and Drew McIntyre have all left the company and then returned to have great success.

Here are five wrestlers recently released from the WWE, why they no longer work for the company, what they've been doing, and what their chances are of returning to the largest wrestling company in the world.

#5 Simon Gotch (Simon Grimm)

Simon Grimm
Simon Grimm

As one half of the Vaudvillains, Simon Grimm's fine wrestling ability was subverted in favor of a comedy gimmick.

This never set well with the accomplished amateur grappler, though he did his best to play the part well. In spite of the somewhat cheesy gimmick, he and partner Aiden English were able to earn spots on the main roster and graduated from NXT, until he was released from his contract in 2017.

Why he was let go: Allegedly, Grimm had an attitude problem backstage, which led to Sin Cara hurling a full can of diet coke at his face. Though Sin Cara was the aggressor, the WWE decided Grimm was at fault. Also, they blamed some poor performances by Enzo Amore on Grimm since Grimm was the one calling the match.

What he's been up to Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling. Once his no-compete clause expired, the newly minted Simon Grimm started taking bookings for numerous independent promotions as well as Ring of Honor. Grimm is able to make a good living doing what he loves, and we call that a win in our book.

Chances of returning to WWE: Fifty-fifty. Grimm wasn't well liked by many in the company, however, no one can doubt his technical acumen and wrestling ability. By growing the Simon Grimm brand in the indies, he actually increases his chances of landing another WWE contract down the road.

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