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5 Wrestlers That Should Grab the Brass Ring (But Won't)

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Is it possible?
Is it possible?

The brass ring is a seemingly mythical concept in the WWE. It's one that Vince McMahon loves to talk about as the reason why our favorites become the big stars that they do. John Cena, Randy Orton etc. are all wrestlers that Vinnie Mac has said have 'grabbed the brass ring'.

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However, the recent struggles of establishing new mega-stars have also been attributed to wrestlers not grabbing the brass ring. Even though it is convenient narrative that WWE uses to cover it's tracks, there are a whole bunch of wrestlers that have come close to grabbing the said brass ring. Let's look at 5 wrestlers that should grab the brass ring, but WWE's reluctance mean they probably never will.

#5 Rusev

The sun never sets on Rusev Day?
The sun never sets on Rusev Day?

How has Rusev not become a main eventer already is something that is unfathomable to most people. Rusev, and the current Rusev Day gimmick is so over with the crowd, all WWE need to do is give him a few wins and hotshot him into the main event. It's not like they haven't done that before (Jinder Mahal).

The problem seems to be Rusev's past indiscretions. He has always been a finger tip away from the brass ring, but it is constantly taken away from him. He could have become a massive star back in 2015 only, but John Cena stood in his way. Today, it seems like Rusev will never be more than a mid-carder, even though everyone is behind him and his skills.

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