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5 wrestlers Vince McMahon will never bury the hatchet with

Thomas Lowson
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Don't cross the boss
Don't cross the boss

Vince McMahon. The Chairman of the board. The head honcho of the WWE.

For decades, McMahon has shaped his company, from just one of several independent territories to the biggest wrestling business in the United States, then North America, and now the World.

Over the years, McMahon has worked with thousands of stars, many of whom have become close personal friends with the boss.

In the 1980s, McMahon and Hulk Hogan forged a wrestling empire together.

In the 1990s, McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin helped bring the company to, in many fans' view, the greatest it had ever been: the Attitude Era.

Today, McMahon has worked with stars like John Cena, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton to make the company it's most profitable ever.

But there are many wrestlers who dared to cross the boss and faced the consequences. Here are 5 wrestlers, Vince McMahon will seemingly never bury the hatchet with.

5. Lex Luger

McMahon and Luger in 1994
McMahon and Luger in 1994

In 1994, Lex Luger was primed to be the next big star of the WWF.


Debuting as a heel at the 1993 Royal Rumble, the Narcissist was turned face as an American hero, destined to face off against Japanese (actually Samoan) WWF Champion Yokozuna.

Failing to win the title at Summerslam 1994, Luger left for WCW the next year, appearing on RAW and Nitro on the same night.

Luger never told Vince about his appearance on Nitro, and after seeing it live, McMahon was furious and vowed never to work with Luger again.

To this day, Lex has not returned to the company, with a return seeming less likely each year.

In 2007, a spinal stroke left Luger temporarily paralyzed. Now able to move again, the former WCW Champion now volunteers in Atlanta and helps others who have been affected with spinal injuries.

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