5 Wrestlers who are almost unrecognizable since their retirement

Shikhar Goyal
Modified 29 Aug 2018
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Wrestling is one of the most outlandish professions in the entertainment industry. With their physiques, costumes and larger than life characters, the cast of characters backstage at any one time could do anything in the world.

However, when a performer leaves the business, naturally the eccentric aesthetics diminish and stars often revert back to their former appearances. Whichever gimmick they played during their wrestling days, life outside the wrestling business doesn’t really necessitate the need for fancy costumes, masks and face paint.

Many wrestlers look a lot different when they transition into life after wrestling. Wrestlers look completely different after their wrestling days. Superstars become almost unrecognizable once they step out of the squared circle.

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We will talk about five of the wrestlers who have become like this. 

#5. Mikey Whipwreck

Mikey Whipwreck has completely changed over the years

Mikey Whipwreck was a huge part of the early days of ECW. Many of you might not know, Stone Cold got the inspiration of 'Stone Cold Stunner' from him, which he used to call Whippersnapper at that time.

Whipwreck became an underdog of the ECW roster. Whipwreck became the youngest ECW Champion in company's history at the age of just 22. The notoriety and success achieved in ECW even saw him have a brief run in WCW in 1999 but he returned to ECW before a year.

Whipwreck is a former ECW World Tag Team Champion with Yoshihiro Tajiri before ECW disbanded. He even appeared in TNA for a one-shot in 2004 and at both ECW reunion shows, Hardcore Homecoming and One Night Stand, in 2005.

However, now he looks completely unrecognizable. With a little extra weight and bald head, Whipwreck today doesn't even look like he used to 10 years ago.

Here's how Mikey Whipwreck looks now:

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Mikey Whipwreck now
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Published 29 Aug 2018
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