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5 wrestlers who can be the first WWE UK Champion

Who are the favourites for the 2017 tournament?

Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne must be two of the favourites to become UK Champion

At a landmark press conference at London’s O2 Arena, Triple H announced a UK tournament to be held in Blackpool in January 2017. The King of Kings also stated that the winner of that tournament will be crowned the first ever WWE UK Champion, with the belt design also revealed in the British capital.

It was a clear statement of intent from the biggest professional wrestling company on the planet. 

Many are already lamenting the tournament, seeing it as nothing more than a new way for Vince McMahon to destroy any and all competition that could stand in his way. These viewpoints are understandable, but this will matter little to the 16 men who make up the tournament and will be competing to etch their name into the history books.

The counter-argument is possibly stronger that this exposure can only be good for British wrestling.

Whichever side of that fence you find yourself on, the likelihood is that all of the arguments will dissipate by the time the tournament begins on January 14th. From the moment the first bell rings, all eyes will turn to Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom and the men competing inside the squared circle.

Who will come out on top when all is said and done on January 15th? Here are five wrestlers who are in with a great chance of becoming the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.

#5 Pete Dunne

Dunne is no stranger to a WWE ring

Pete Dunne may well be the hottest commodity in British professional wrestling today, and whilst all of the 16 competitors will see being involved in the tournament as a landmark for them it is Dunne who will be seen as a coup for the company.

Dunne lost in the qualifiers for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic earlier in the year, but his presence in tryouts and more, show that he has clearly been on WWE’s radar for a while. Of the 16 men involved, Pete Dunne stands out.

It is also Dunne who provides the most intrigue for WWE outside the ring. After winning the Progress World Championship last month, Dunne delivered a great promo alongside his British Strong Style buddies (Seven and Bate) stating that the title was only good for signing a contract on, and whilst the promo itself was excellent it comes with extra weight now.

Dunne is still only 23-years old and has a huge future ahead of him. His future is now, however, and even if he doesn’t win the tournament, which quite frankly would be a surprise, it would be a shock if Dunne isn’t affiliated with WWE in any way shape or form at the end of 2017.

As we stand, however, Pete Dunne is the clear favourite for the WWE United Kingdom tournament. 

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