5 wrestlers who can't stand Hulk Hogan, and 5 who are his friend.

The Immortal Hulk Hogan
The Immortal Hulk Hogan

Sometimes you make enemies on your way to the top, and sometimes you make friends.

Whether or not you enjoy the glitz and glamour of sports entertainment, or your are just a casual fan, or even if you don't like wrestling at all, it's impossible to escape the legacy of the Immortal Hulk Hogan.

There are monks cloistered away in sanctuaries who don't even own any piece of technology that still know his name. His likeness has been utilized--both officially and unofficially, such as in the World Heroes fighting game--countless times in various forms of media. He's appeared in Hollywood movies, television shows, and even had his own syndicated series for a time--Thunder in Paradise.

Hogan has made numerous one-off appearances outside of wrestling over the years, such as his hilarious turn in the Gremlins II movie, to his tagging in to help Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad in the Spy Hard film.

In short, you really can't get away from Hulk Hogan, and many fans wouldn't have it any other way.

But when you make it big time, you inevitably rub others the wrong way. Sometimes the issue is professional jealousy, and sometimes it's far more personal, but the fact is no one gets to the top without making enemies. Of course, there are also friends and allies to be had as well.

Here are five people who can't stand Hulk Hogan, and five who are his fast friend.

Can't stand Hogan: Macho Man Randy Savage

Macho Man Randy Savage has the Immortal Hulk Hogan at a disadvantage.
Macho Man Randy Savage has the Immortal Hulk Hogan at a disadvantage.

Why he didn't like Hogan: Savage blamed Hogan for his failing marriage.

On screen, there was a time that Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan were the very best of friends and allies. They banded together out of necessity; Hogan had been victimized by the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase for nearly a year, and Dibiase didn't come alone. He hired Bobby Heenan and Andre the Giant as his back up. They engaged in an insidious plot to get the WWE world heavyweight championship off of the Hulkster. By employing the evil twin of referee Earl Hebner, they succeded--with a catch. Andre's 'surrendering' of the title belt to Ted Dibiase was ruled illegal, and WWE's on-screen president Jack Tunney declared a tournament for the world title would take place at Wrestlemania 4.

Savage got involved with the feud simply because he wound up winning the tournament. When Andre kept interfering in the tournament finals, Hulk Hogan came out to aid Macho Man despite the fact he had no personal stake in the match. Shortly after, the Mega Powers were born.

Of course, the tag team eventually ended and the two battled each other on screen in an intense rivalry. But in the real world, Savage was no fan of Hogans either. Despite what many internet rumours may lead you to believe, there was no evidence of any affair between Savage's wife Miss Elizabeth and the Hulkster. However, Elizabeth was fast friends with Hogan's wife, Linda, and spent a lot of time together. One of Linda Hogan's friends was a male movie producer, and Elizabeth wound up having an affair with him. Savage was angry with Hogan because the Hulkster lied to him and covered up the affair before eventually coming clean. Sadly, the two would never quite see eye to eye again, but they did manage to put their personal issues aside and work together in WCW as part of the NWO.

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