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5 Wrestlers who could be fired in 2017

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15.37K   //    26 Oct 2016, 15:42 IST
It could be the end of Bob Backland in WWE

At some point, WWE would do what it normally does every year, purge its rosters of wrestlers who aren’t performing up to expectations.

Above everything else, professional wrestling is a business. When wrestlers don't fulfil the needs of the company and perform in a way that is not beneficial, Vince McMahon and his cronies will make the necessary changes so that WWE can continue to function as a well-oiled machine.

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Because of the brand split, there is a chance that pink slips may be fewer than they have been in the past.

That does not take away from the fact that there are some performers, both men and women, who just aren't cutting it in the ring or on the mic. Whether WWE decides to work with that talent to enhance what is wrong with the character or possibly sends them down to NXT remains to be seen.

These five wrestlers are all in jeopardy of losing their spot on the WWE roster in 2017:

#1 Paige

Injuries and suspensions could send Paige packing in 2017

If there is a wrestler on WWE's roster that is more maligned right now, please tell me who that is. Now that she is on her second suspension for violating the wellness policy, you can almost see the writing on the wall.

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Such a great talent wasted at the present time. I suspect that when she comes back in December, she will be buried by booking until the company figures out what to do with her. Paige will more than likely go to TNA or back home to join her mother's promotion in the UK.

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