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5 wrestlers who could be James Bond villains

These wrestlers would be amazing villains in upcoming or past James Bond movies

Top 5 / Top 10 07 Oct 2016, 15:27 IST
Several current and former WWE superstars could be amazing villains in James Bond films

I have actually thought about this topic many times over. It either means l am a huge fan of James Bond movies, a huge fan of professional wrestling, or I have too much time on my hands. Maybe a bit of all three.

Over the years, there have been famous villains in the Ian Fleming series. Dave Batista starred in the last Bond movie Spectre as Mr. Hinx. He wasn’t the first professional wrestler to ever appear in a Bond film. Harry Sakata – known as Tosh Togo in the ring – holds that distinction. Sakata played the role of Oddjob in the Bond film “Goldfinger” starring Sean Connery.

As the James Bond series continues to be one of the most highly acclaimed movie series internationally, it figures more professional wrestlers could be cast into major roles on screen. Here’s a look at five wrestlers who would be or could have been solid villains opposite everyone favourite secret agent.

#1 Mr. Fuji

Mr. Fuji was as sinister a heel in WWE as a wrestler and a manager

Imagine Mr. Fuji the manager. Decked in a black suit, carrying his cane with his famous hat. His smile as he surveys the location of a possible strike and a confrontation with Bond that is pleasant and devilish at the same time. I always liked Mr. Fuji’s character.

He represented everything sinister in a heel and was one of the best Japanese wrestlers of all time. Maybe he brings along Mr. Saito or Mr. Pogo or both to confront Bond. Fuji’s best move in the ring was to throw salt in the eyes of his opponent. I wonder if it would work with Bond?

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