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5 Wrestlers Who Have Been Underutilized Since Wrestlemania 34 

Jordan Stynes
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Balor Club is non-existent
Balor Club is non-existent

We are quickly approaching the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania 35. The only big pay-per-view left is Survivor Series in November and then WWE begin to slowly build towards Royal Rumble.

I know that in December, we also have TLC but I think that show will mostly be used to set up angles for the Rumble.

The post-Wrestlemania period is an interesting one. It is a time when some wrestlers cement their place on the card and a time when others fade into obscurity.

For example, guys like A.J Styles and Roman Reigns have held their respective spots in the main event scene. However, others have not been so lucky. Here are 5 wrestlers who have become irrelevant since Wrestlemania 34

#5. Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura
Shinsuke Nakamura

Now wait a minute! I know what you are thinking. "Shinsuke Nakamura is the United States Champion, how is he irrelevant?" Nakamura had an incredible start to 2018. In January, he won the Royal Rumble and went on to Wrestlemania to challenge AJ styles for the WWE Championship.

As we are all probably aware, he lost the match and turned heel afterwards. Unfortunately this began his descent down the card. Normally after a big heel turn a wrestler is pushed and wins the title in their next encounter. Not only did this not happen but Nakamura would go on to lose his next two title matches against Styles.

His current U.S title run is merely a consolation prize. Nakamura has not featured on the last two pay-per-view cards and it doesn't look likely that he will be on Crown Jewel either.

He has a World Cup qualifying match on Smackdown 1000 next week, but his opponent is the returning Rey Mysterio. I would be shocked if Rey lost his first match back.

The fix is easy, all they have to do is give him a couple of credible title defenses and he would shoot up the card again.

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