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5 wrestlers who are in the shadow of a more successful relative

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#4 Bo Dallas - Bray Wyatt

Bo Dallas Will Never Be Pushed Towards The WWE Championship
Bo Dallas will never be pushed towards the WWE Championship

Bo Dallas is a former NXT Champion and was once thought of as the future of WWE, but the WWE Universe later found out that Bo was the brother of Wyatt Family leader Bray Wyatt and he has since only been seen as the brother of Bray.

Even though Bray himself hasn't had a great few months of his own since he dropped the WWE Championship to Randy Orton at WrestleMania, he is still able to be part of much bigger feuds than his brother, who has now been put in The Miztourage because WWE had no other plans for him.

Bo hasn't been part of many hard-hitting storylines on the main roster like his brother either, but it seems that no matter how badly creative manage Bray, he will never sink as low down the ranks as his brother.

The duo has never been given the chance to work together on WWE TV, so at least if WWE runs out of ideas for Bo in the future, he could move on to work with Bray if he's still struggling on WWE's mid-card.

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