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5 wrestlers who are in the shadow of a more successful relative

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Curtis Axel Will Alway Be Stuck In His Father
Curtis Axel Will Alway Be Stuck In His Father's Shadow

There are a lot of famous wrestling families in WWE, but whilst many of the next generation of Superstars have stepped up their game and represented their family, there are a few who have been left in the shadow of their relatives.

The problem with coming from a famous wrestling family is that there will always be members of the WWE Universe who will compare wrestlers to each other, and some stars are unable to live up to the hype.

For the children of famous wrestling legends, it's hard for them to then step out of their relative's shadow, but it isn't impossible, as Charlotte has shown with her father Ric Flair. Not only that, sometimes WWE decides to hire siblings and there will always be one member of the family who stands out above the other.

#5 Primo and Epico - Carlito

Primo And Epico Have Struggled To Get Out Of Carlito
Primo and Epico with their cousin, Carlito

Carlito was a memorable member of the WWE locker room for a number of years and even managed to win the United States Championship on his debut back in 2004. He went on to become a popular character in the eyes of the WWE Universe before his departure back in 2010 after he failed WWE's Wellness tests.

Over the past few years, his cousin and brother, Primo and Epico, have been trying to live up to the hype that Carlito once created, with the WWE Universe constantly beginning speculation that Carlito will someday return and help the duo gain some kind of credibility.

The Colons have been used as jobbers on SmackDown ever since the WWE Draft last year, and it seems quite unlikely that the former Tag Team Champions will never be given the chance to be a top team again.

WWE seems to have repackaged this team so many times that the WWE Universe is unable to see them as a credible threat to the tag team division anymore.

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