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5 wrestlers who should turn face/heel soon

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WWE fans are not easy to please. Image from Pinterest
WWE fans are not easy to please. Image courtesy Pinterest

Let's face it, it's not easy being a part of the WWE creative in today's times. In this era of social media, the WWE fans are more vocal and demanding than ever before, and are very specific about what they want to see. Along with being the most passionate fans of any sport, they are also very hard to please.

When this is the case, the way a gimmick is portrayed is of utmost importance. Clean cut babyfaces are vociferously rejected (best case in point being Jason Jordan) while the heels are cheered more than ever. But Vince McMahon can be stubborn at times, refusing to listen to how the fans want their favourite wrestler to be portrayed.

So, let's have a look at 5 wrestlers from the current lot who can benefit greatly from a switch in their gimmicks.

Note: I have not listed the obvious choices like Roman Reigns and John Cena because the topic has been in discussion for many years now and many pieces are already available on the same. I have also not discussed a Jason Jordan heel turn because, personally, I feel even a heel turn is not enough to get the fans behind Jordan. An overhaul of his entire character is necessary.

#5 Randy Orton

WWE Smackdown Live Tour in Durban
The Viper has always been a better heel than a babyface

It is a fact that Randy Orton is, without a doubt, one of the best performers the WWE has seen in the last decade. Today, he has become a rather boring, stale babyface who puts on average matches at best. Who exactly is to blame?

Some fault definitely lies with Orton. He has been accused many a time of deliberately working matches at a very slow pace. But WWE creative takes the blame for the staleness of his character.

When it's very much apparent that the third generation Superstar has always flourished better as a heel, the best thing for his character right now is to turn him into one.

With a rumoured hiatus on the cards, the best way to make his return interesting is to turn him into the cocky heel that he has always played best.

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