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5 WWE Superstars that used boxing in their move-set

Sammy Sheeran
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The Undertaker ready to strike

A punch is such a simple move and is part of every wrestler's arsenal. Some wrestlers use a punch nowadays as a finishing move, much like the Big Show or Roman Reigns.

But what makes a wrestler stand out from all the other wrestlers who punch their way into a match? They can make it look as though there a professional boxer.

While some wrestlers simply use the punch as a break between moves or a tool to take the fight to the outside, there can be no underestimating the power of a good punch in the world of professional wrestling.

#5 Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose punches his former brother of the Shield

So we start off this list with a man who doesn’t look as though he has the strongest punch in the business but, he does like to think he strikes as though he is a boxer.

Although Ambrose can be seen as a slightly more technical guy in the ring, it is obvious that he does try to incorporate some tenets from boxing into his style of wrestling. Ambrose enjoys punching his opponents until they can’t stand anymore in the ring and has incorporated a mean jab as a staple to his move-set as of late.

His punches don’t look as though they do much damage, but the fact he tries to act somewhat in the way a boxer does, grabs him the number 5 spot on this list.

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Sammy Sheeran
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