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5 wrestlers who were out of shape

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Wrestling is a profession which consists of people with some of the greatest looking bodies, which takes wrestlers years to sculpt. There are also many wrestlers who have struggled at one point or another to be in great shape.

There are many factors which can cause a wrestler to be out of shape, such as being unmotivated or having substance abuse issues.

Let's take a look at five wrestlers who were out of shape at one point and then were able to get into solid or great shape!

#5 Scott Hall

Scott Hall is also known as Razor Ramone!
Scott Hall is also known as Razor Ramone!

Any fan who watched wrestling in the 90’s would know about Scott Hall. Known as Razor Ramon back then, he rose to prominence in WWE. One of their top wrestlers at the time, Hall was one of the best talents in WWE because of his ability to get the audience on his side despite being a heel.

Hall was present in WWE before the Attitude Era started, and he was one of the main event stars that fans could relate to due to his realistic character.

Unfortunately for him, his personal life was far from equally successful. Hall had a debilitating drug habit, and this would stem a number of health issues that he would suffer from in the future. His substance abuse continued to be a huge factor in his life, and the former fit ‘bad guy’ would gain enormous weight after he retired from wrestling.

Things were not looking good for him overall, and fans had discounted his chances of surviving too many years and many had started predicting his death.

Thankfully for Hall, Diamond Dallas Page invited Hall into his home to remake his life and remake it he did. Now, considerably healthier than before, it looks like Hall will live the rest of his life free from his personal demons thanks to the efforts of DDP.

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