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5 wrestlers who weren't the same after removing their mask

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Being a masked wrestler isn't always easy...
Being a masked wrestler isn't always easy...

Many of the greatest wrestlers in history were those that wore masks. In Mexico, a wrestler’s mask is considered almost sacred, with the rules and traditions surrounding wearing and removing one’s mask being treated with the utmost respect. Elsewhere in the world, masked wrestlers have made a major impact on the promotions in which they have worked.

There have been many masked wrestlers in WWE over the years, and many of them have been featured heavily on WWE programming, partly because of their masks. For some of these masked wrestlers, their masks were integral to their characters and backgrounds, which made for more compelling television.

In other cases, the masks were there for cultural or traditional reasons. In a few other instances, a wrestler wore a mask because WWE wanted to make a ton of money in merchandise by selling these masks to their audience.

However, all five of the wrestlers listed here have one thing in common: they weren’t the same once they removed their masks.

5. Gregory Helms

The former Hurricane was immensely popular and beloved by the audience
The former Hurricane was immensely popular and beloved by the audience

When he was wrestling under his ‘Hurricane’ gimmick, Gregory Helms was both incredibly popular and highly successful. His over-the-top gimmick was very well-received by both fans and his co-workers in WWE. He enjoyed quite a bit of success as ‘The Hurricane’, winning the World Tag Team Titles on two occasions and engaged in one of the funniest mini-feuds in history when he spent three weeks battling The Rock.

Sadly, all of that changed when WWE decided that The Hurricane gimmick ran its course. Hurricane was unmasked and Gregory Helms began wrestling under his real name instead. Although he enjoyed a lengthy reign as WWE Cruiserweight Champion, there was little attention being given to that division at the time, if any. So even though he was the champion, both Helms and the division he was said to represent were both portrayed as afterthoughts in hindsight.

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